About Us

The main service we provide being a 24 hour milking machine breakdown service for most types of milking machinery.

Brands we deal in [with] are Alfa Laval, A.T.L., Cotswold, Dairymaster, Dairyspares, De Laval, Fabdec, Fullwood, Gascoigne, Manus, Mueller, Milking Solutions, Vaccar.

We are main dealers for ATL, Dairy Spares, Fabdec & Dairymaster

We have a large stock of second user milking machinery. Soon we will have our online stock list live so you can look through available machinery.

Cow Herringbone Parlour
The ATL herringbone milking parlour is UK designed and manufactured. It provides you with a high quality, engineered solution for a reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a basic parlour or complete automation, this parlour can cater for you. The high quality 60mm galvanised steel stallwork is designed to withstand the rigours of milking cows for many years. The high capacity milk and vacuum lines provide efficient milk transport and stable vacuum levels meeting ISO standards.
Out of Parlour Feeding
ATL out of parlour feeding systems offer a flexible method of feeding dairy cows with concentrates and supplements. Using the ‘little and often’ feed principle, the system should increase the cow’s milk production and condition. Individual rations allow easy targeting of high yielders.
In Parlour Feeding
ATL electric feeders are simple to operate, easy to install, easy to maintain, strong, reliable and above all accurate. ATL feeders use a timed motor run to dispense a given quantity of feed. The amount delivered by an ATL feeder can be easily adjusted by altering either running time or delivery rate. The ATL feeder has been designed to deliver the most popular feed grades – up to 3/8″ pellets and free-flowing home mixes such as rolled barley and maize.